About Allied Machinery Company, Inc.

Allied Machinery Co., Inc. was founded in 1975. We buy, sell, broker and trade top-quality new and used machinery for the metalworking industries. Allied Machinery Co., Inc, along with our trading partners, has access to the global machinery market for both buying and selling machinery. We sell cutting-edge CNC machinery, stamping presses, fabricating machinery and manual toolroom and production machinery.

We stock our inventory in two warehouses here in the Detroit suburb of Warren, Michigan. We have in stock many fine machines and we have a staff of qualified technicians to keep the machinery in top running condition.

Allied Machinery welcomes your trade-ins and we want to purchase your surplus used machinery. Our staff is ready to travel to inspect your surplus equipment. We also welcome your brokerage items. Our efforts on behalf of our many satisfied customers have produced high prices quickly.

Also, financing can be arrainged for your purchase or equipment lease. Trade references are available upon request. We look forward to being of service to you.