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Offering for immediate sale (two machines available – Priced

2 (two ea.) Rambaudi/Fidia 5-Axis Vertical Double Column Traveling
Bridge Gantry Mills with Nutating Mill Head

Stationary table size: 480″ x 156″ (40′ ft x 13′ ft) (12.19 m x 3.96 m)
X axis travel: 328″ (27.3 ft) ( 8.32 meters)
Y axis travel: 178″ (14.83 ft) ( 4.53 m)
Z axis travel: 56″ (4.67 ft) ( 1.4 m)
Maximum height from table to gauge face when fully retracted: 80″
(6.67 ft) ( 2.03 m )
Spindle taper: Cat 50 with power took lock
A axis rotation: + 105 degrees
C axis rotation: + 180 degrees
Main power to milling head: 60 HP
Distance between columns: 175″ (4.44 m )
Power locks
Milling feeds: 0 – 400 IPM
Rapid traverse: 400 IPM
Spindle speeds: up to 3,000 RPM (subject to verification)

Machine #1 — Has been retrofitted with a Fidia C-20 CNC control and
can be inspected under power.

Machine #2 – Has been retroffited with a Vega CNC control. It comes
with the complete parts and kit to retrofit an unused C-20 Fidia,
presently not installed.

Buyer can choose to run the machine with the existing Vega control,
or may opt to retrofit the machine with the unused Fidia C-20 control
that comes with the machine, at his own expense.

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